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Micah Zing, CEO of In-Out Group On Coup D’etats In Francophone Africa

Congratulations to the Co-founder and CEO of the In-Out Group Micah Zing for the shortlisting and onward presentation of your paper on the topic “the resurgence of Coup d’etats in Francophone Africa for the past decade (2013-2023)” in an International Russian-Tanzania conference on the theme “the place of Africa in the world: the past and the present” in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1st-3rd March, 2024.
The entire team is proud of you and extend their warmest congratulations to you for this achievement.
Your insightful findings regarding the role of anti-french prejudice as the root cause of the recent spike in coups and coup attempts within Francophone Africa or the Sahel region have not only captivated the audience but also shed light on a crucial issue that demands attention.
Your dedication to rigorous research and your commitment to African studies are truly commendable.
Your paper in the conference has undoubtedly made a significant impact, and we have no doubt that your work will continue to inspire meaningful discussions and drive positive change in the region and Africa in general.
Once again, congratulations on this well deserved achievement.
Your expertise and passion for making a difference are truly remarkable, and the team at In-Out Group are proud to have you as our leader.
Attached is the abstract of this insightful paper published for in-depth understanding.
Abstract on Coup D’états in Francophone Africa

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